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About Island Insurance Brokers
Our business as insurance brokers is to represent our clients in the insurance market and maximise their choice. Using our in-depth market knowledge and research, we try to locate the insurer who will offer the widest cover at the most competitive price through comparison-shopping. We also offer guidance to our clients on all insurance matters including on claims. 

Company History

Island Insurance Brokers Limited was formed in April 1989 to provide professional, efficient and cost effective Insurance Broking and Risk Management Services to Malta's Industrial and Commercial Community. Over the years the company also expanded into Personal Lines Insurance. 

The results achieved are far from mere satisfying. From our modest beginnings, we can now boast of a well established and respected insurance broking office, loyal clientele and professionally trained and qualified staff. 

In 2016, Island Insurance Brokers Limited was purchased by Argus Group Holdings Limited, a company based in Bermuda. Argus Group successfully operates both independent brokerage services and insurance companies in the same jurisdiction for many years. In Gibraltar, Argus owns and operates WestMed Insurance Services Limited, an independent insurance intermediary alongside Argus Insurance Company (Europe) Limited. In addition, Argus has successfully run Centurion Insurance Services Limited, a highly regarded broking business in Bermuda, separately from its two other insurance operations for over 20 years.  

Our Philosophy

Island Insurance Brokers Limited firmly believes that success depends on our ability to offer the security, peace of mind and confidence to our clients and market. 

Success will depend on upholding our objectives based on Professionalism, Independence, Loyalty and Excellence in the conduct of our business. 

We undertake to: 
- Develop and maintain a high quality book of business using skilled, qualified and professional staff. 
- Understand the client's needs and problems to offer solutions. 
- Create the team spirit within our own organisation and good communication with our clients and markets. 
- Offer creative and imaginative solutions to keep pace with the rapidly changing world especially within the European environment. 
- Maintain our independence from insurance suppliers in order to act in our clients' best interests. 
- Negotiate claim settlement on behalf of the client fairly, promptly and efficiently. 
- Be pragmatic and create the drive within our own skilled personnel to provide a superior service all round. 

The Team

Island Insurance Brokers Ltd enjoys the full benefit of a dedicated team of insurance professionals, all specialised in their own field. 

Board of Directors

Ms Sheila E. Nicoll - Chairperson
Mr Lawrence Pavia - Managing Director
Dr Carmel Cascun - Director
Ms Alison S. Hill - Director
Mr Peter J. Dunkerley - Director
Ms Barbara J. Merry - Director